¿Who I am?

Design is the way to your brand to be distinguished professionally..
and the Designer is responsible for this happening.

A little bit more about me...

Irma López Quiroga is a creative independent Mexican artist who founded her company “IlQ design / web / publicity”. She has worked several years in small, large and international companies; she also has worked as a freelance in different fields of design. Designer who is at the forefront of digital, graphic and web design, thus defining various styles in her career to innovate her creativity at an exceptional level in corporate and cultural industries.

Her creative compositions in modern style are so balanced that they have inspired and move lots of enthusiasts about digital art; at the same time have attracted new satisfied clients. Her style is constantly evolving.

ILQ is a graphic designer that certainly leaves her mark and passion for general art. Youth culture has inspired her to create graphic pieces that have delighted many. Her attention to detail and creative talent, typical of someone of her caliber, ensure the quality, uniqueness and success of the projects she carries out.

The discipline of "service design" puts at our disposal an extensive number of tools to understand what the relationship with the user is like; as well as the evolution of the customer experience throughout the interaction with our organization. We have the sensitivity and knowledge to respond to the problems identified in it; above all, we have given it a reasonably predictable and structured design.

Our philosophy is the basis of our process, whose power is to go from designing the service based many times on assumptions to making a service design focused on the user, understanding and integrating their behavior, needs and motivations.

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My Profession

I will help you communicate in a more creative and professional way, giving your brand a perspective of professionalism and innovation.


It is made up of several components that allow the company to position itself in the customer's mind and give its best.


It is dedicated to the design, layout and composition of publications such as magazines, newspapers, books or art.


Control panels show important information for the handling of the product with its merchandiser.

Pop´s Displays

They are supports that represent the brand in the making of videos, presentations or any visual event of the product.


Labels are used in business to describe the contents of containers, containers, and packages more easily.

Web design

It is the process in which the graphic prototype is transformed into HTML, CSS and JS code so that browsers can interpret it correctly.


It is a media that focuses on establishing contact with other people through the internet.


A portfolio is a collection of documents from my projects that showcases my effort, progress, and achievements.

Web design